2012 likely will not be "my year"

I woke up on New Year's eve feeling nauseated, shaky, and super nervous. I thought, "This can't be a good sign." My husband showed up at my mom's to pick me up before we hit the road for the long drive back home & says that he is having the same problems. Really, this can't be good. Well, looks like I was right. Between dealing with my daughter's anxiety and other bullshit that has suddenly come up in my life, the year that I thought was going to be full of exciting changes..is suddenly looking like it is going to be suckish. Exciting changes are now scary and upsetting changes. I will likely be taking an internet hiatus for as long as I can stand it and that includes blogging. I appreciate those who have faithfully read my ramblings, and hope to one day be back at it. Now is just not the time. I have nothing funny, exciting, or domestic related going on in my life AT ALL these days. There are only so many posts I can make about the silly shit my kids say, so I guess that's it for a while. See you on the flip side!

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